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AK-47 (Very spicy)

Perthville hot chicken, FH26 sauce, Hot Onichi, Coleslaw, Mad sauce, Cheese, Chili truffle
(One of the hottest burgers in Perth)

Boom Boom Shaka Laka Lamb Burger

Pulled lamb shoulder, twisted egg, melted swiss cheese, xyz yogurt mayo, lettuce, tomato, truffle sauce, mad sauce


Cheesy tawa grilled smashed chicken, melted cheddar, cilantro, ketchup, mustard, onion, pickle

Insane Chicken Burger

Perthville hot chicken, insane sauce, Hot Onichi, Coleslaw, Mad sauce, Cheese, Chili truffle


Fried chicken, beef brisket, maple candied bacon, pullet egg, cheese, 7 cheese sauce, BBQ sauce


Triple meat bbq cheeseburger (500g meat). (beef, crispy pulled chicken, lamb) hint of chili & mad sauce, 7 cheese sauce #Goosty

The Couple

Beef patty with smashed onion, witches bite chicken, melted cheddar, lettuce , tomato, ketchup, mustard, pickle, mayo, 7 cheese sauce

The Sinner

2x 5C* beef patty with melted cheddar, cheesy pulled lamb, tawa grilled beef brisket, cheesy pullet egg, maple candied bacon, pickle, truffle mayo, hint of insane chili sauce, mad sauce and of course cheese sauce.


U Don’t Have To Choose a *Side

Meat Candy

SImon Says - The Only bad burger you have, the one you didnt have,


Food is Different at simon says…

#Goosty ( Good + Tasty ) A new Aussie slang
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